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K-Syran is a singer, songwriter, female rights activist and famed actress trained at RADA & Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Being cast in a multitude of leading roles straight out of drama school such as Anna in Voyage in the Dark by Jean Rhys which went on to gain critical acclaim by many of her peers.
Not only that but her self written produced and directed project ‘Breaking the Silence’ won the attention of Angelina Jolie and William Hauge, subsequently winning at the prestigious Global Summit To End Sexual Violence In Conflict.
Following on from her many successes as an actress K-Syran is also a trained singer and songwriter allowing her to release her first single with Metropolis studios, tour with UK chart sensations Blue and work alongside Sugarbabes sexbomb Amelle Barrabah.
As if that wasn’t enough K-Syran was nominated by UN in the UK for her single, Intimacy, to be the anthem of International Women’s Day.
Never a one for slowing down she got in the studio with grammy award winning producer Philip Larsen, who is known worldwide for his work with Katy Perry to produce her album Dizzy,

Dizzy was subsequently nominated for a number of honored awards in the US, charted on the official Billboard chart and performed live in NYC at the Grammy weekend.
Her summer hit Shake That Booty was remixed by Swedish superstar Stonebridge, also charted Billboard and received nominations and airplay extensively in the US.

K-Syran is frequently played on Kiss FM , Gaydio, capital and other UK radio stations and supports LGBT awareness such as GayPride with her UK GayPride Tour in summer 2018.
Moving on to 2019 and beyond K-Syran is focusing on her brand new label INTIMACY RECORDS distributed by Sony,
Through SONY she decided to release the French anthem song Amoureuse by Véronique Sanson which is now climbing the charts and playlisted on the number one French radio station NRJ.
Her last single SMASH smashed it on the international DJ Charts and got to #1 with help from remixes by rising star Dan Thomas who has gained 5 number one billboard positions in 2018 alone.

K-Syran is a versatile live performer, from full blown energetic performances to experiences such as INTIMATE where she can perform downtempo there is no event which she can’t adapt to and deliver an amazing unforgettable performance.
With exquisite dress sense and stage presence, audience can’t help but join in with her infectious dance moves and sing along with her.




Wow what a journey, it all started 3 years ago with K-Syran opening the UK Tour with Blue.
Then the release of her album; Smoke In My Veins, with Metropolis Studios. Followed with a duo with Sugababes sex bomb, Amelle Barrabah , Testify.
K-Syran was nominated by UN in the UK for her single, Intimacy, to be the anthem of international Women’s Day 8th of March 2016.
2017 saw the release of her album, Dizzy , by Manhattan Clique, producer Philip Larsen a Grammy winner for his work with Katy Perry.
Her single Dizzy was nominated for different awards in the US and charted on Billboard.
Fast forward to the year 2018, and her summer hit; Shake That Booty, by Swedish star DJ Stonebridge, also charted Billboard and received nominations in the US.
K-Syran is frequently played on Kiss FM , Gaydio and other UK radio stations and did support GayPride this year with her GayPride Tour 2018.
Her last single SMASH smashed it on the international DJ Chart and got to #1 on various Dj charts and went top 5 in the iTunes Dance charts !
K-Syran is the owner of her own label Intimacy Records that’s distributed & synced through Sony.
Sony and her label made her a special Christmas gift this year with a compilation album of her best tracks up to today; K-Syran JOURNEY.
Here it is for you to enjoy.


Smash is the latest single from Norwegian Pop Star K-Syran, featuring the talent which is Ricardo Tattoo.
Intimacy Records is proud to release such a great track but with a hidden meaning. K-Syran has been known to be forward thinking with every release having a meaning behind her tracks, hidden or blatant and her latest single Smash is no exception to this rule.

At first we think of Smash as we can, Smash up something, smash so hard for this exam, just smash that nail polish , sounds like you two have some beef you better smash that before it escalates , you smashed that game, I smashed the whole thing from iTunes, smash is the greatest album ever, that guy is smashing down the freeway , I will smash this week!

Also Smash is used as an expression to inject a drug, fuck, take anything as fast as hell.
But also used as an expression of something sublime, wonderful, lovely, delightful. It means to kick ass and have fun along the way but does it.

K-Syran delves deeper in to this meaning and in her upcoming video all will be revealed, she hints, is life what it seems, is the way we portray our selves through social media reality or is it a fantasy of the ego, what really goes on behind closed doors and once the cameras, smartphones and worldwide audience (facebook) arent watching.

Countless numbers of times now we hear about mental health and how its drastically affecting more and more people not only that but it can affect anyone at any time and at any age.
K-Syran is well aware of this and wants bring awareness to the masses, she states

“We need to open up about mental health issues and talk openly about them at the kitchen table to prevent these tragedies.’

K-Syran wrote Smash with again a hope to communicate with us all

Together we can raise awareness and let the world know theres always someone to

talk to and there’s always a way to get help. It doesn’t matter if you are a pop star or a person working the 9-5 we are all together living on this planet and each and everyone of us is special in our own rights, we need to embrace our individuality and treasure each day of our lives. Never thinking we have to live up to the impossible created by the fake world of social media and not even to our peers, its time to be happy in our own skin and live life

HAPPY, in other words, SMASH IT.


Some of K-Syran’s photos from working with celebrities, tours with BLUE, hanging out with Elton John, Sugarbabes to performing her nominated anthem for international Women’s Day.